Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mommy-Blogger | Picture Time

There's a chance I might be worse than most "mommy-bloggers".
You know who I'm talking about and chances are, you ARE said "mommy-blogger".

A "mommy-blogger" is a woman who:

* talks IN DETAIL about her pregnancy/birth (really, edits are good!)
* talks endlessly about her cute children
* shows pictures of them wearing everything from their birthday suit (thanks so much for those) to "husband's-shirt-into-a-dress-makeover" (I'm only jealous because I can't sew worth a darn)
* tells the Internet their weight, height and percentiles at every growth interval until they are 18 years old
...the list can go on and on.

It's OK, own your obsession, I do.

I'm no "mommy-=blogger"

Of course my blog is not all about my "littles" but I do occasionally frequently post random photos, fun & exciting details of our adventures and "torture the aunt" sessions.

If you're lucky I pass along a "little" joke that had me in tears.

Well, today is one of those days. I've already posted about my fabulous lunch with Sarah and her littles.
Now I shall share a cute picture of Miss Charley that was taken this week while I was chillin at her house.

She is getting so BIG! I laugh every time she says "hunry" (a.k.a. hungry)

So all you "mommy-bloggers" out there, keep up the good work...

"It's for posterity"
"It's my journal"
"This will be their baby-book"

Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better.
I'll keep reading because I love you & your littles.

And I know you'll keep reading mine for the same reasons...
even if my littles are not my own.

dream big

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Amanda said...

So cute!! I think I am all of the above!