Friday, April 9, 2010

Inaugural Bike Ride

Sariah was nice enough to join me on my Inaugural Bike Ride.
Tanner captured the scene on film for us.

Riah's such a cutie, and totally patient with me as we took numerous shots to make sure I had ONE decent picture.
Our little ride didn't last long and we covered about a mile, but it was fun. Now I need to work on a bigger bike for Riah & and the other littles, so it's a better ride for everyone.

Favorite part of the ride: DOWN HILL...yeehaaawww!!

Still catching on to riding an actual bike again.
It will take a little while until I'm super comfortable, but I'll keep at it for sure.
Maybe I'll get that early morning itch to get out tomorrow.

dream big

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Shauna_Rae said...

What a beautiful bike! And how fun to go bike riding. I love to bike soooo much more than to run. You go faster and can see a lot more.

Happy Trails!