Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cheeseburger Bobby's...yumm!

Apparently there are some stellar kids in the house where I live.
So stellar in fact, that they received an "eat for free with an adult" certificate for Cheeseburger Bobby's.
And lucky me, I was invited to join them for lunch with their momma today and celebrate their stellar-ness.

Just look at my Bobby's Black & Blue (+ bacon) burger and fresh cut fries...

It was D-licious!

Riah got a Bobby's Kids Burger...I think that is more my size!

Dogger dove right into his burger, while Maddie had to be different and try out the chicken tenders.
Everyone said their meal was FABULOUS!

During lunch Tanner asked me, "Do you eat your burger with your fingers?"
My reply, "you bet, that's the only way!"
Tanner's witty response, "It's better to eat your fingers after your burger"

Now that's a funny kid.

Thanks for suggesting Cheeseburger Bobby's Sarah and inviting me along.

The shakes looked tempting, I'll have to return another day to try 'em out.

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