Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not a pony, but totally almost the same!

For the past few months I've been on the hunt...
Not just for a job (still need one of those, BTW) but I've been itching for a bike.

Last weekend J&J moved and one of the last items to come out of their garage was a practically new bicycle.
I teased and said to throw it on the roof of my Kia..."I'm taking it home!"
(To be clear, they really didn't have room for it on the moving truck anyway.)
Jamiee said, "I never ride it, you can have it."
Me, "Um hello? Are you SERIOUS!?"
John, "It needs new tubes, but it's pretty much never been ridden."
Me, "HALLE - freaking - LUJAH!"

A few days later I took MY NEW BIKE over to Bicycle Jones (this shop I've been eying for years now.)
I rolled MY NEW BIKE inside and the nice lady that owns the shop with her husband asked what she could do for me.
I told her of MY NEW BIKE and that I needed new tubes.
She took a gander at MY NEW BIKE and back up at me with this funny look on her face and said, "are you sure?"
Me, "Nope, I'm not sure of anything."
She said, "Let's just put some air in the tires and see how it does."
Beautiful! That's how MY NEW BIKE did.

We talked for a moment, and then I was headed to the cheap store to buy a helmet & other bike stuff.
Turns out that Jamiee had a helmet, so I picked that up last night and can return the one I purchased at WM.

I've taken MY NEW BIKE for a spin around the cul-de-sac, but that was mostly to get the adjustments right.
It's been super hot and I've been meaning to go out first thing in the morning or at dusk but today it rained. Bleh!
Soon, very soon!

Look at MY NEW BIKE:

So beautiful, don't you think?
I installed the water bottle holder by myself.

Thanks J&J.

Does anyone want to give me a free hitch mount bike rack now?
Otherwise I will have to buy one and they are expensive...
Free is the new cheap you know!

dream big

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