Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am a responsible woman

Responsible Woman by James Christensen
I am a responsible woman.

I have a lot of responsibilities even if they do not include a husband and children.

Last night I went grocery shopping and realized the true need for a husband and children when I returned home.

If I had a husband and kids I could simply honk the horn and they would come out and help bring the groceries inside.

If I had a husband and kids I would not have given myself a concussion by knocking myself in the head with the back door of my SUV while trying to close the door while carrying six bags of groceries at the same time.


Lori said...


I abuse the horn privilege when it comes to bringing groceries home.... But something that might help - a plastic tub. We keep recycling in it and drop the bottles/cans off when we go to the store then put the bags in it. It makes it a lot easier to carry more weight, plus if you need a hand, its a lot easier to balance on a leg or hip or just set on the ground real quick!

Jennifer said...

Katherine - you are so funny. Even when you do have kids, they don't always come out and help! Hope you are well! Enjoy reading your blog.

Shauna_Rae said...

I'm with Jennifer. They don't always run out to help.

LOVE that "Responsible Woman". It is one of my favorites!

Jodi said...

Even with a husband and children I find myself carrying most of the groceries in all by myself. I hope your head is feeling better!