Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dating Guide...bachelor style

I heard today that former Bachelor, Matt Grant (of famed "London Calling" season 12) is writing a book.

Before his search for love on The Bachelor, Matt was a global financier. I can only pretend to understand what that means, but I have some idea that money is involved. Now, if his book were about a topic related to say...the green stuff missing from my wallet, I might be able to stomach the contents. MIGHT. But noooo. He's writing a dating guide book!?!

Point. Mr. London did propose to a blondie on the show and broke up moments after the show ended. Was it about finding love, or finding fame?

Point. Mr. London is indeed single at the moment.

I've read a lot (if not most) of the dating how-to books out there. My favorite to date (ha, ha, date...get it?!) is Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. It's riveting, funny, insightful, and entertaining beyond my expectation. But I didn't spontaneously decide to read Steve's book, I read reviews, heard him speak about the book (I think on Oprah) and given his entertaining nature, I figured it would be a good read regardless of how much it helped me in the dating/love department. All that aside, it was more Steve's current marital status that was my deciding factor. He is actually MARRIED! Meaning his dating was successful, at least to some degree.

I figure reading a dating guide book written by single man (i.e. Matt London) is a lot like participating in a weight-loss program written by Queen of Butter, Paula Deen!

Nothing against Paula, love her and her cooking!

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Aubrey said...

Ha Ha! Loved this post! I loved Act Like A Lady... too. So good! Have you read "Marry Him: The Case For Settling For Mr. Good Enough?" That was a page turner! I loved it. I gained some good insights. (Warning: the author is a complete moron though and should seriously read her own book. LOL!)