Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everyone likes a gentleman

Fountain drinks are only $0.49 during the summer at Quick Trip. I love that, it's like winning the lottery, only smaller. Much. Smaller.

The other day I stopped into QT on the way to Kelly's to get both of us a frosty cold beverage. It's easy to be generous when it only costs me $0.49, but that's not the point.

On my way out a man held the door open for me. I thought that was nice. Not because it doesn't happen often here in the south...if it's one thing that momma's taught their southern boys, it was how to be gentlemen. I guess some of them forget it though because as much as I am not surprised when someone opens the door for me, I still look back feeling like I won the lottery. Only smaller. Much. Smaller.

Thanks stranger that held the door for me. That was awful kind of ya.

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Williams Family said...

Owen will be proud and happy to hold the door for you anytime (that is once his cute lil ginger self can do it:). Love ya! Jealous of you livin' in my favorite place in the world! Miss you!