Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bucks free internet...yeehaw!

I'm sitting in Starbucks tonight utilizing the free Internet that is now finally available. It's about time they caught on, so many places have free Internet because they know that people will stick around and hang out if they can access a hot spot. But come on...people and coffee and free Internet!? You might as well set up another cash register Bucks, because if they sit long enough they will drink more coffee. And if they have free Internet they WILL sit longer.

I used to despise the smell of coffee. I'm still not a fan of straight up coffee being brewed, but there is something about the sweetness of Starbucks that draws you in. Somehow they have managed to brew coffee into something that smells more like a Willy Wonka dream, rather than your grandparents house. I don't have a desire to drink it (see Word of Wisdom HERE) but the smell definitely doesn't hate me so that's a plus.

On the contrary the brownie I just consumed with my $2 bottle of water does hate me. I felt guilty, you know, for coming in to use Bucks free Internet and NOT purchase something. I should have looked a little closer at the menu, instead of a quick, just order anything! because now I see some "wholesome and ready to go" options on the menu. I'm not saying that cheese, crackers, apples and nuts tempt the taste buds more so than the brownie, but I'm guessing I would not be sitting here trying to contain the angry grizzly in my tummy if I had passed on the brownie and gone for the boring.

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