Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Reunion Funnies

Trying to cram dozens of missed years into a few fun filled days of reconnecting with family is a challenge meant for only the strongest of competitors. Don't go into this blindly and by all means, set a training schedule months in advance or you'll be worn out in the first lap of the race!

Now for a few of my favorite shots from the trip:

Day 1
Help! we've been abducted...

mmm...(REAL) sopapillas!
Charley giving her mom a hug...note her hand behind Kelly's shoulder. So cute!

Day 2
Going down...Carlsbad Caverns

Kelly, Charley, Justin & Nicki as we begin our descent
Nicki & I getting down underground!

Day 2 - Evening
Pizza with the Shores crew

Anne & Aunt Cindy
Caroline, Alexandra & Katherine

Jimi Hendrxi...I mean Andrew!
me & my mom!
Me, Katie, Alex & Caroline
Uncle David, Dad, Logan & Lori

Day 2 - More Evening
Late night with the McCormick clan

Nicki Shores, Amanda (Smith) Clayton, Becky (McCormick) Smith, Katherine Shores (me), Mom/Win (McCormick) Shores & Kelly (Shores) DeMone
Win, (Aunt Chris' grandson...Randy?), Mike McCormick, Anne (Shores) Burns, Frank McCormick
Andrew, Jacqueline, Alexandra, Katherine & Caroline Burns

Win Shores, me & uncle Mike
McCormick Girls: Christine Canady, Becky Smith & Win Shores
not pictured: Mayme Eaton

McCormick Crew: John, Becky, (tortilla #1: Mayme), Chris, Win, Mike, Frank & (tortilla #2: Phil)

Day 3
Good eats, good fun & good company at the Smith Ranch

Justin & Charley DeMone
Uncle Doyle Smith & Andrew Burns
sleeping Char
Grandpa Jack/Richard Tilton
Charley...drinking from the hose
Playing in the rain/gutter
Katie, Charley, Jaq & Andrew
Playing with Aunt Becky's chickens
Justin, Alex, Andrew, Jaq, Char & Katie
Caroline & Uncle Doyle
Alex & Uncle Doyle
Day 4 Evening
Dinner at the Country Club

Trouble: Andrew & Jaq
Staci (McCormick) Moles, James Eaton, Rod & Amanda (Smith) Clayton, James McCormick & Kali McCormick
Frank McCormick & kids: Shanna Ballard Hall & Mike McCormick
Rosemary's Great grandchildren (and some moms too)
The "Out"-Laws
Rod Clayton, Doyle Smith
Dan Moles, John Shores, Amanda Eaton, Justin DeMone, Summer Eaton, Tammy Canady, Beth McCormick & Renee McCormick

Rosemary's Grandchildren:
Wesley Eaton, James Eaton, Brian Canady, Josh McCormick, Mike McCormick, James McCormick
Amanda (Smith) Clayton, Kali McCormick, Nicki Shores, Katherine Shores, Kelly (Shores) DeMone, Shanna Ballard Hall, Staci (McCormick) Moles & Anne (Shores) Burns
Might have to forgo the names on this one
Madison, Sam, Delaney, Charley, Andrew, Caroline, Amanda, Alexandra, Katherine and.......Jaq

Funniest picture ever! (I think I'll blow this up as a gift for Christmas)
Uncle Doyle & Aunt Becky

Edison Elementary School
Cavern Movie Theater

Becky's Drive-In
Where Mom & Dad met...awww

That's all for now many pictures!

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Anne said...

Awesome - you captured the entire weekend perfectly in just a few snapshots. I love it and want every picture. Heck, we should all make that one of Doyle & Becky into our Christmas cards! Flipping hysterical! Thank you so much. Great weekend, great family.