Wednesday, July 21, 2010

underwire bra breakdown

Yesterday I was getting dressed and heard an odd "pop" coming from my general vicinity. I looked around fearing I would find a rib had popped out, but saw nothing. Continuing to dress and ready myself for an interview I half expected something really bad to happen - it would only make sense given the current state of my life - but no calamity, trauma or the like occurred so off I went.

The interview was interesting. By interesting I mean they had already decided to offer the job to someone else before they even met with me. It was still a good meeting none-the-less and good contacts are few and far between. I really felt connected to these women, so ya never know.

Fast forward a few hours (after a surprise visit to Marci's, dinner at IHOP with Jeff, late night bad movie rental with snacks provided by Ben & Jerry) I had this pain in my side. I kept rubbing the area, thinking "this is my favorite bra, why is it bothering me today?" Finally giving in to the idea that it could be the bra's fault I gave a look-see to find out what was going on. Sure enough, my favorite bra has a broken under-wire.


I suppose given the fact that it felt like I was wearing an under (barbed) wire bra all day, that actually makes sense.

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Anne said...

Funny, mine always bust out the top, never the side. That had to hurt!