Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smile A While | Mantra

Did you see them?

#1 was from bestie, Monika.
Monika and I have known each other going on what, probably 15+ years.
She knows me (very) well and her suggestion was profound...find things that inspire me.
I love that!

#2 was from sista Nicki.
Nicki and I go way back :o)
She's a good egg, that sister of mine.
She hasn't even posted on her own blog in ages, so snaps to Nicki for making the effort to comment on mine.

I really only had one intended stop and what I found didn't even motivate me to get out of my vehicle.
But when I saw this, I grabbed my camera and jumped from the car to get the shot...

It just makes you smile...a while, doesn't it?

There is this really old brick building not far from where I live. I love old things and this building is no exception. It is in the most awkward of places, right beside the railroad tracks. So the idea of revamping the building into a fabulous living space is squandered by the neighboring noise + resale value. Not that I'm in the market, but one can always dream!

Anyway, it was on the front door of this building that I saw these "deer" dressed up in their St. Paddy's day best!

I love it.
Favorite: her hair & green bow + slippers

I have never seen the doors decorated like this. I will have to ask Liz (who lives down the street) if she has ever noticed them before.
So funny.
But funny none-the-less.

Then I had the pleasure of joining one of my besties Jennifer for appetizers and a Wal-Mart run tonight.

She has not been feeling well and I'm not convinced I helped with that, but hopefully got her mind off of it for a while. She shared a post written by a friend of hers that has me thinking. I can't/won't go into details, but basically it talked about positive people being successful and having/living by a mantra. The mantra that was shared:

"Living the dream"
(As in..."how are you?" reply..."living the dream!")

Food for thought.

Do you have a mantra of sorts?

Care to share?

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MonikaC said...

What have you done for someone today? It comes from a talk by President Monson last October. Our family has been focusing on this ever since we heard the talk and it has made a huge difference in our lives!