Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jenna's fuzzy monster | my excuse for being crafty

I have not been a very good blogger lately. Truth is y’all know I am not that good of a blogger in the general sense of the word. This morning I perused some blogs and realized I don’t really talk about much of anything. One blog I came across was full of exciting revamps and details of her enchanted life in Australia. (Sorry, I don’t have the link or I would share and then you would have something fun to read.)

Point is I need to spice things up. I would ask for suggestions from my loyal fan base, but one thing you lovelies are not, are comment makers. What’s up with that anyway?!

With or without you, my small but trusty crowd, I will find something more exuberant to blog about.

Today however I am going to blog about a little creature I made for my niece Jenna. It was a last minute birthday gift that went wrong and I ended up postponing the gift until I could make it right. I decided that was today, so I did it. Shauna over at My Mix of Six made some darling monsters HERE. She is so amazingly creative, I love seeing all the fun stuff she has to share. I noticed today that she made her monsters out of glass jars. I made mine out of an empty formula can. I suppose either way works. Mom & Dad were here when I started this project and Mom remembered that she made one a long time ago for Primary. She said she used a Pringles can. many great uses for stuff you would just toss in the garbage!

So, here she is...

Cute, right? I think so. The eye lashes really do it for me and although I wanted to find a different sort of crown for her, I suppose this one works well. I had some foam letter stickers so I put Jenna's name at the top. I hope she likes it.

Alex's birthday is right around the corner...I might have to see if I can make one for her. Now that I've done it once, I think the next time will go more smoothly. We shall see.

Now I am off. I have GOT to get out of the house. I have no idea where I'm going, but I'm going.

Maybe I'll find something fun to share with loyal non-commenting fan base.



MonikaC said...

I think you should go out and take pictures of things that inspire you, and blog about it.

Landlocked Shores said...

*sigh* I'm a google reader girl.... have to force myself to the actual blog (anyone's) to make a comment. Love the little monster.... AND I remember the blue one Mom made for Primary out of the Pringles Can!