Monday, March 15, 2010

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Today was delightful.

I have this new thought in my head.

I shan't talk about it just yet or maybe even never, we shall see.
It may turn out to be one of those super secret exciting tidbits that you wish you could share, but it holds more meaning when you keep it inside and let it affect others anonymously.

First thing this morning I ran an errand back into my old stomping ground.
I so miss working and the excitement that an unexpected day brings.
As I was about to head home I saw a glimpse of the city and had to stop and take a picture.
It was a hazy day, we haven't seen a sunny day in what feels like ages.
What you see in these pictures is less smog and more just plain rainy day.
I like this city, I do. It's been good to me.

Now...may I please have another city for a while.
Atlanta, I may return to you, only time will tell.
But please, a new city for a while does a girl good!

The littles are home with Sarah this week and it is also early release week.
I have been trying to think of fun things to do. Outside is wet and cold, so inside is the best choice.
Today I chose the public library...

I love the smell of library books.
The crackle of the plastic covers.
It takes me back, even if it doesn't smell quite like the library I know and love.

T finished his homework quickly and managed to eat up an entire book by the time we were ready to leave.
Riah & Madz took a little longer with their homework.
They also couldn't quite figure out if it was OK that I was taking pictures inside the library.

Being the evil aunt that I am, I also made them come to Wal-Mart with me.
We had to pick up some items for a few birthday packages.
This little beauty is headed up to Michigan where it will hopefully be enjoyed and worn by one niece Alex.
(Learned a lot making this first one, the next one will go much better I'm sure.)

Just showing it off in my hair.
Alex doesn't have dark hair, but I am sure it will look fabulous in her hair!

The littles helped me pick out four different colors and some great buttons for the center.
I think the pictures don't do it justice, the orange one really did turn out great.

Don't tell the littles, but Sarah gave me money to go to the movies tomorrow.
It's $5 Tuesday at the theater!


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Shauna_Rae said...

LOVE it!!! I havn't seen them made with feathers. My girls would be so fancified with these. I'm going to have to put them on the never ending project list.

BTW I have gotten so many emails and sweet comments on that Love Letters Book which basically was another project from YOU.

Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!