Tuesday, February 9, 2010

little brother rescue | parking in the mud

This past weekend I had the honor of pulling my little brother John out of the mud. All in all it was rather uneventful, but having my camera made it a lot more fun!

Apparently he and the missionaries were home (with the girls) having correlation meeting when a realtor called who wanted to show the house. John picked up the toys, gathered the girls and with the missionaries then jumped into the van and went to wait out the showing.

So where does being stuck in the mud in a minivan come into the picture? It seems that there is a perfect stakeout spot located diagonal from their house at an empty lot. They go to watch and wait for the house hunters to leave and then trot back to the house to continue with their day. My brilliant brother John apparently didn’t think twice about pulling up onto the dirt on the empty lot/stakeout spot…when it had been raining for days!

He really is smarter than that, but I’m sure the stress of trying to sell a house got to his head. A big sis has to tease a little…it’s my job! Now for the photos:

Here they are in the field...the girls are in the van.

The vehicles in the road (where vehicles belong) after the rescue.

Funny side note: When I was pulling John out of the mud we were on the phone so we could talk to each other. When the van was finally out of the lot I could hear Abbi yell:
"we're out of the field! we're out of the field!"
It was hysterical. I'm glad I had him on the phone so I could hear her say that, it made my day.

Cute brother John, humoring me for the winning shot.

And John insisted I take a picture of the "view" to prove it is indeed, a perfect stakeout spot.
(I'm sure staying parked on the road would get you the same view.)

And the van AFTER the rescue. This doesn't really do it justice, it was FAR more dirty in real life!

OK, and this is the end of our little rescue tour.
Like I said, it was rather uneventful...but pictures make a story all the more fun to share!

Moral of the story:
don't park your minivan in the mud...
perfect stakeout spot or not!

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