Tuesday, February 2, 2010

fancy gloves

I have served in the stake Primary presidency at church for some time now. It won’t be long before the two year mark will be here. How time flies when you’re having fun!

We have stake conference twice a year and in conjunction with that meeting we also have leadership meeting. It is so great to have the sisters who serve in the Primary for our entire stake all together. We always have the most amazing meeting and this past training was no exception.

We decided to have a special training session for the Primary choristers and that I would teach the class. I was super excited and a little nervous. Not nervous to stand in teach, but just to make sure I was sharing the best message I could. I talked to (what seemed like) a million people about ideas they had or thoughts they could share about Primary training meetings that they had been involved with. In the end I decided I wanted to focus on cleaning up singing time, so I called my class “Singing Time Cleaning” (You know, sort of like spring time cleaning…whatever, it worked in my head!)

I wanted to give the choristers something to remember the class and wracked my brain for weeks trying to figure it out. In the end I decided on fancy rubber gloves and my sister Kelly was brave/gracious/crazy enough to agree to help me. And by “help me”, I mean…do all the work.

I gathered all the items we needed and headed to Kelly’s the day before the training (yeah…nothing like waiting until the last minute!). I didn’t realize it, but I bought all different size gloves and it turned out that only the large gloves fit on the sewing machine with enough ease to get the glove to turn when it needed to. With Kelly & Justin making a stop at the store on their way home from dinner (CM & I stayed home) and another trip to the store at about 11 p.m. we finally managed to have everything we needed and get the last pair finished.

We made a fine mess, but it was fun too, so I guess that counts for something.

Technically there was little I could do...I pinned the pleats and in the end trimmed the tops with pinking shears, but Kelly ABSOLUTELY did 99 percent of the work. So in the end, when you see how stinking cute they turned out, she gets all the credit.

You can't really see her, but in this picture Kelly is looking down talking to Charley. She was all over the place that night and eating everything in sight, most of it being items no one should eat.

Charley was all about seeing what her mom was doing and getting right up in the business! I love the look on her face in this picture. I wish I could figure out how to get a better picture without the shadow on her eyes.

Pretty sure this little one will follow in her momma footsteps in every way she can. Every time I hold her she puts her little hand at the back of my neck and runs her fingers through my hair. She never pulls it, just holds on to it like it is her blankie. And now, by the looks of it, she is going to start making her own clothes.

I mean...look at that concentration!

Now it's time to look pretty with a bow.

Who's tired?

"You got the shot, now get this thing out of my hair!"

And the final product:

Aren't they darling!?! I think they are fabulous. Kelly did such a great job on them and the Primary choristers were so excited to receive them. (Thank you so much Kelly...your thank you gift [pinking shears] will come with me to your house on Friday.)

I wrapped them with their mate and tied them with a bow and put them in this really cute mini laundry basket. The training went great and I was so excited that the sisters were so open to the spirit and all of my comments.

Fancy gloves...cute! cute! cute!


Supershepherds said...

Why don't you can Kelly have your own show on TLC?

The BirdHouse said...

Oh my goodness, how stinking cute are these gloves?? Kelly did a fantastic job and you went above and beyond any training meeting I've ever attend, girl! BTW, Charlie has grown so much...such a pretty little thing!