Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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A month or so ago Nicki (Lone Star state sister) called to ask me if I would be interested in being a contractor for "Major Craft Retailer". Not being employed at the moment I hesitated only long enough to find out that I would be applying iron-on decals to t-shirts. Sounds like something I can do with little to no challenges so absolutely.

Well, who knew this would turn into such a fiasco! I won’t go into any detail about the struggles with the "Major Craft Retailer", but let’s just say that this project has doubled in size, and only after tripling and being reduced again first.

Eleven hundred yellow shirts start out looking like this:

15 cardboard boxes

An average of 70 yellow shirts per box.
Seen here in the pre iron-on application stage:

And now post iron-on application stage:

Next 1 billion little gem stickers.
No really, you ought to see the entire box, I am sure there are at least 1 billion.

Gems in need of being applied to approximately 2000 sheets of fashion "skins" (stickers for clothes).

Next all of those "skins" are applied to the front side of the yellow t-shirt.

I can't tell you how many gems have been stuck to the bottom of my foot/sock or how many I have picked up off the floor/carpet. There are yellow shirts and stickers, excuse me..."skins"...everywhere!

Two boxes are almost completely finished...with any luck I'll have nothing to do this weekend and spend every waking moment applying "17" and "SMITH" iron-on's and "skins". Yippee.

The littles have been helping me.
They are machines.
They thought it was fun in the beginning.
Now I'm not so sure.

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