Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I was about to tell you that I was taking a break from the job hunt today. But then I changed my mind. I did the dishes…or rather, crammed the dishwasher full of more dishes than should be possible to clean and came to take a break at the computer. I’ll have to go back sooner or later because I left at least 10 pans sitting next to the sink…still dirty from my recent attempt at yeast rolls.

As I sat down I thought maybe I should try a job search closer to home, so I am currently (In another window) searching the AJC. But you see, here’s the problem: when you search the more commonly known sites you get a lot of jobs that are not even remotely applicable to the key words you have entered. It’s all those hiring managers out there that enter every possible, and even those impossible key words to attract everyone to their job posting. They don’t realize they are doing themselves and those searching for a job a huge disservice!

Now I must go work on my beanie cap. Not sure it will be finished in time to wear it tonight, but I’m sure going to try.

More later…

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Supershepherds said...

If I hire you to make me a beanie cap, does that count as finding a job? Because I'm willing to do it. I'll have you fill out a W4 and everything.

Seriously though...got your Christmas note. Thank you so much. xoxo.