Monday, January 4, 2010

There are few things that I really don’t like doing.

Eating green beans
Cleaning the toilet
Cleaning out a kitty litter box [but for Charley...I will do just about anything.]

Yeah, sure, we still have to do those things, but I don’t like it. Today, I am going to add job hunting to that list.

I have been truly job hunting for about 3 weeks now and it’s for the birds. What these companies really need is someone to come in and revamp their online application process. It should NOT take more than 10 minutes to submit your resume for a job. Sure, ask me if I have ever been convicted of a felony or if I’m legal to work in this great USA, but other than that, what more do you need to know than what you would find on my resume? Nothing.

I applied for a job today (with Gojo, the Purell mother ship) and it took me 2, maybe 3 minutes. I could not believe it. I was so excited I went back and applied for another job with the same company. As opposed to the application process with other companies that ask everything under the sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for the secret recipe for your grannies famous yeast rolls. It’s incredible how long it has taken me to apply and I never even hear back from them. It’s exhausting.

Ezra told me that I should post my resume on Monster, so I did. I guess I should probably post it on all the other sites too. Sis Anne told me her previous employer found her by that means as well. Hmmm. I guess it’s possible. Let’s hope. (If anyone out there knows of any companies hiring in the fields of marketing, communications, public relations or anything similar, please let me know.)

I managed to clean all the empty boxes [moving, yuck] off my treadmill and take it for a 25 minute ride today. It’s a start, not a grand one, but a start. I would have stayed on longer but my right shoes was giving my Achilles tendon some major pains. I didn’t want a blister and tomorrow I will just wear my other shoes.

Sis Jo loaded me up with some yarn back on Christmas night and I have been working on her scarf. It’s a really pretty yarn and easy on my fingers, but for some reason the way I have to hold it is giving my left hand a fit. That is why tonight I decided I would make myself a beanie cap. In the yarn she gave me is this really pretty cream, almost white and I thought it would be really pretty on my dark head of hair. It turns out that this yarn is oober hard to work with and I keep putting my hook through the actual strand of yarn instead of through the wholes. Oh well…I will finish, I want to wear it on my date tomorrow night. And by date, I really mean Philly B has a layover so I will get to see him [and probably eat something] for about an hour before he jumps back on a plane. Happy to see him, just the same.

The beanie cap had a mishap and about 2 inches of length had to be taken out. It took some time to build the length back but it’s about ½ way finished…yeah. Hopefully it will look really cute tomorrow night, it is so cold outside it better! Just need to figure out what I am going to wear.

And because I am too lazy to upload any new photos to the computer [I promise, bean cap pictures soon] I will share a few from my photo shoot with sis Jo J. Kiddle. She’s a great photographer and we had a blast playing in the fun places we found. I think we will have to do this again when it gets warmer…and I’ve lost about 100 pounds.

This building is an old school. It is beautiful and I want to buy it, we could have the most amazing parties here!

From a distance we thought that little heart in the top left corner was on the building. Even in this photo it sort of looks like it could be. In reality, it's a leaf on that thorny (yes, ouch) vine.

And Mom, this one was taken especially for you!

I was thinking "wow, that's a lot of pictures of me".
Then I remembered this is MY blog.
So there should be pictures of me.

If anyone is ready this early in the morning...
call/text and wake me up.
I have got to get on a schedule.
Preferably one where I get up to got to work in the morning.

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