Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Packing is the pits. I snagged (what I thought to be) fabulous boxes from next to a recycle bin a few weeks ago. Today I finally got around to unbinding them and taping one together. I was sadly disappointed to find that it was the size of MY KING SIZE BED! I shoved a bunch of my throw pillows and two heavy blankets inside and then decided it was the perfect protected place for my white ceramic candle sticks, so I threw them in too. I did have a hard time taping the thing closed…I didn’t realize I was trying to put the kitchen sink in there too.

Either way things around the ol’ apartment are starting to look a little bare. All the white pitchers have been removed from atop the cabinets and for the most part are snug in newspaper and cardboard. Walking into the kitchen is getting harder and harder…I do not want to pack the contents of those cabinets! Not to mention the laundry/kitchen storage closet, there are more pans up there than you could buy at Wal-Mart.

photo found here.
Thank goodness it's not one of MY moving boxes.

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Anne said...

So happy that is not your box because through the entire post I'm thinking, "take your stuff out of that piece because the bottom is going to fall out and your white ceramic candlesticks will break!!!" Good luck with the move and here's hoping that you move again soon.