Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kennesaw State University Winter 2009 Graduation

The countdown is over; two and a half years of the longest days of my life have culminated to this commencement. Homework, group presentations, stressing over grades, final projects and huge headaches. It’s been great olKSU, but I’m glad I’m done with you.

Before we move on to the next big thing (suggestions welcome) it’s time for pictures of the big day!

If you know me well enough you can find me in the picture below, I am still walking, almost to my seat on the other side of the room from my family.

Again…I’m somewhere on the OTHER side of the Convocation Center, I'm one wearing a cap & gown:

With my rock'n connections at Alumni Affairs I was able to get the family impressive reserved seats for the ceremony. Their seats were first row, directly next to the spot the graduates stood waiting their turn to walk across stage.

It's my turn...

I was able to reach out and touch all my people, Charley wanted to come with can actually see my hair/backside in the picture below, but I think only I would notice that.

We finally made it outside and I told my family to hurry and take pictures with me wearing the cap because it was coming off! My hair looks dreadful, but the cap only made it look worse and it itched!

Mom came down from Ohio, which is huge since she and Dad were just here for Thanksgiving. Winter graduation really is at the worst time, halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mom, me & Charley after the ceremony:

Sadly Dad is out of the country (Russia...brrr, cold) and couldn't make it.

The family gave me this amazing lei shipped from
Hawaii. Isn’t it gorgeous! It matched my color scheme perfectly. And if you are wondering, the red & white cords are honors cords from the Communication Honors Society...cause I'm kind of smart, just not smart enough for the gold tassel.

Sarah, Kelly, Justin, Charley, Levi, Jamiee, Jenna and Claire were all there too. It was great to have all the support.

The! Please notice the
smok'n hot shoes! I could not wait to wear them yesterday:

I know Anne and the littles in Michigan, Nicki in Dallas, and Jo in Atlanta watched the ceremony on line. Thanks KSU for being techno-savvy! Not sure if Dad was able to view it in Russia, or if anyone else caught it too, but either way, I felt all the love and support through the entire day. It was wonderful!

Sarah (Charley), Kelly & I after the ceremony:

Levi & I after the ceremony:

Claire & I, there were lots of cameras taking pictures, so I'm sure I'm looking at someone else taking a photo:

The only bad thing about the day (aside from missing some of my family) was the weather; it rained that horrible mist all morning. All the graduates had to meet together at 8:30 to do our thing in the gym across the street from the Convocation Center. My friend Claire and I walked in together and got to the doors just in time for a fire alarm so we (and about 30 other graduates) got to stand in the rain for roughly 20 minutes. I was so upset, we all looked like drowned rats, it was so frustrating to spend time that morning getting all dolled up for this important day and then to look ghastly by the time we got inside. Not cool.

That night Kelly hosted a family dinner at her place. I requested Hawaiian Haystacks (you know, to go with my lei) and since Dad (who hates Hawaiian Haystacks) wasn't able to be there, I figured it was totally a safe request. It was really, really yummy. She also made my favorite, cheesecake...oh how I love cheesecake. AND she made these darling little mortar boards out of chocolate squares, Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups and fruit roll-ups...aren't they cute! Thanks rock!

And a huge thank you to everyone else, for proof reading all my papers (Anne), listening to my whine & complain (um, everyone), supporting me emotionally & mentally through the last 2.5 years, the "gift" (I'll post photos of the framed diploma when I get it), the lei, the yummy food and the
hoop'n & holler'n when they called my name.

I love you all!

Now the focus must turn to the job search, how I dread this part.
Maybe I could have graduated when unemployment rates were lower, yes, I guess I could have. This ought to be fun, wish me luck!


EmilyB88 said...

Love it! I saw the fam sitting there when I walked by and wanted to say Hi to everyone, but then realized they will prob. not remember me and had no time to explain. I wanted to say hi to miss claire and charlie morgan, really because i just wanted to say charlie morgan because it is the cutest name ever!!

Ashley W. said...

Congratulations!!!! That so awesome and you should be SO proud of yourself :)

Also, those shoes are FABULOUS!!! You have some serious style....rub some of that off on me :)


Martha H. said...

Congrats, girl! Way to go!!!

Cherie Miller said...

Super congrats - I was volunteering at KSU graduation & saw you graduate. There's always Grad School!!!!

Loved the little hat candies - sweet.

Cherie Miller
MA in American Studies
@ Kennesaw State

MonikaC said...

congratulations! If you hadn't told anyone your hair got messed up by the weather, no one ever would have known. You look great as always!

Anne said...

we're so proud of you and the basement door is wide open... so you can get your masters at UM!
love from the littles in michigan

Jodi said...

Woohoo, way to go!!!!