Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wired & Wonderful Wednesdays

Yesterday was another Wired Wednesday with the girls and it was wonderful. I have no pictures to show, but that's not because we didn't try. It just didn't turn out, so maybe next time.

We started out watching:

But about 20 minutes into the movie my VCR decided it had had enough and just stopped running. I thought it might be the tape, so we tried luck. I think the VCR has officially called it quits. I was really sad too, I wanted to watch Cinderella and the girls had never seen it. Because the VCR is a lost cause we had to choose from my children's DVD's. That's easy, since I only have one...

The girls still like the "panda movie" so that was fine. And btw: Kung Fu Panda is one funny movie!

While I was sitting on the floor next to the girls, trying to figure out what was going on with my VCR and explaining that we could not watch the movie with the pretty girl and the cute mice, Ab said "you could go fix dinner after you get the movie to play" ha! ha! ha! ha! That girl is a trip!

After I explained we had to watch Kung Fu Panda (again) Abs said "I'm wild at the panda movie!" This time I took "wild" to mean that she approved. That girls is so funny, she is "wild" at a lot of things lately. I have no idea where she picked that phrase up.

At Abs request I went ahead and started dinner. It was only about 30 minutes later that Claire woke up and was so upset. It must have taken me 20 minutes to calm her down after changing her dirty bum. Sweet Jenna even came over to talk to her...hoping seeing her familiar face would help, but that didn't last long. Pretty sure it had something to do with Jamiee being there when she went to sleep, but not there when she woke up. I think she will get used to me eventually.

She hung out with me in the kitchen while I made dinner and managed to relax a little more as time passed. I have these little stuffed animals I got at Ikea for something like $0.09 a piece. She likes to throw them to the ground and make me pick them up.

Dinner was hilarious! I made stroganoff and the girls ate it up! I gave them the choice of peaches or apple sauce and there was nothing left on a single plate. Even Claire ate it all up and just loved the applesauce. We decided spoons work better with rice based dinner, but we had to have our forks for the peaches.

And just because I am saying no to sweets for 30 days, doesn't mean the girls have to. So I fixed them a nice big (for little people) bowl of raspberry sherbet. The girls L.O.V.E.D. it. Especially Claire. I have to admit, it was hard not to fix myself a bowl.

We didn't do a craft today and that is probably just fine by all of us. We watched the rest of the movie after dinner and were still enjoying the funny credits when their Daddy showed up. It was really rainy last night so we were all cozied up in the apartment just enjoying a little time to relax. Abs even said to me, "I think I'm just really tired." So grown up, that little girl.

Until next Wednesday!

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