Monday, September 21, 2009

Suspending the 8

So not eating sweets is kind of hard. It's like I don't even think about it and I would eat it. Now I am freaking out at the cravings to put a sweet (of any kind) in my mouth.

Friday night after Chinese food with Sarah +3 I ate a stale fortune cookie without even thinking about it. Like I said, I automatically just put it in my mouth. It wasn't good, so I'm not counting it as a sweet. For all I know it was made out of noodles. It was harder once I realized what I had done, to NOT eat the cookies and brownies that Sarah brought out.

Oh how I love brownies. Brownies are manna. Divine.

22 days and I shall enjoy a brownie.

Side note: have lost nothing. Zero. Zilch. Pathetic...and I even worked out twice last week and RAN during my workout too. I, Katherine, ran. Shocking. Make note, it may never happen again.

OK, it will likely happen again, I'm trying to condition myself to running. I ran for a full minute without stopping...that's huge! This week I'm going for broke: 2 minutes!

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