Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mormon Youth Chorus

It has been right about 10 years since I was a part of the (amazing) Mormon Youth Chorus & Symphony (MYCS). I was one of the lucky ones, accepted on the last leg before the Chorus was disband and all things musical changed on Temple Square.

I have been looking for my friend, Chantelle Bench (I can't remember her maiden name, but her husband is Lincoln.) for years now. We lost touch when I moved out to Georgia and I have no idea where she lives.

During one of those Internet searches for her I found that MYCS has a group on FaceBook. I joined, even though I hardly remember anyone from the Chorus, but still hoping that I can find Chantelle. No luck, she was not there...and I pretty much knew that would be the result, since I have searched FB for her many times before.

The MYCS group had some photos posted so I decided to drag mine out and start scanning them to share. I know...I don't have ENOUGH going on! Oh well, it's fun for me...being a part of MYCS was an amazing experience. So I thought I would share some photos on here, just for fun. And hey, maybe someone else knows Chantelle...you know, one of my 11 readers.

At the end of MYCS we went on a tour to San Diego. One of the locations where we sang in S.D. was an military aircraft carrier. There is a chance it was the Midway, but it's been 10 years and I just don't remember. We were able to tour the carrier before our show and of course we had to touch everything we could get our hands on! You will see a reoccurring theme with the men in uniform. Oh come on, like you expected anything different from me!

I remember taking this picture especially for mom & dad...ha!
I have no idea who this statue man is, but Chantelle and I were trying real hard to get his attention!
That's all for now, I don't have many more, but one of my favorites is coming soon! I know...you're waiting with baited breath.

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