Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garage Sale Prep (again)

Remember back HERE when I was going through boxes preparing for the upcoming garage sale? Well tonight I tackled two more boxes. The first one was innocent enough, full of frames and most even had photos having been displayed in my home at one time or another. The second box was another story. Well, technically it was a plastic bin and it has been sitting right inside my closet since I moved in more than 2 years ago.

Let us take a moment and recognize that I have lived in one location for more than 1 year. You're welcome family and ward, I knew you would appreciate not having to move me so soon. Never fear, the time is soon approaching! I can feel it in my bones...oh, and yeah, that count-down clock helps too!

Back to the boxes...so I have not really looked in that plastic bin for quite some time. My guess is that it was moved into this apartment with little more than a discounting "just put it in my bedroom" request and that was that.

In that box I found literally hundreds of recipes, recipe books, and copies of recipes. In addition to that I found a few dozen old Ensigns. I always get a little perplexed when it comes to the Ensign. I can't lug them around for the rest of my life on Earth, but I hate throwing them away, oh, but you can find EVERYTHING on line now. Keeping that many Ensigns is just not an option.

But the real reason for this post is what I found at the bottom of the box.

I'm a winner!
What am I supposed to do with those?! I am pretty sure I have already disposed of some metals earlier because I remember having this same dilemma before. Ugh!

Sure, sure, there is sentimental value. And if I had a little boy that liked to dress up like a military man, I would consider keeping them and adding them to the dress up box. Alas, no small military men in my life. And my boy would be too smart to play with these having recognized they are medals for vocal competitions and not for winning a war!

So, what do I do with them?!


Jodi said...

My mom actually did a shadow box with all of mine in it for me. I've got it hanging in our den (now playroom) with all of our other high school/college memorabilia. You worked so hard for them it seems a shame to just through them away.

Supershepherds said...

You could make a cool shadow box or sell them on ebay.