Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growing up...

Sometimes when I dream, I am a completely different person. I mean, I'm me, but just in a different life. Some of you are in my dreams, but you mostly do different things too.

The other night Grandmama visited my dreams and we talked for a very long time about all sorts of things. I remember she gave me things, I don't remember what they were, but I remember they were precious to her, so they were even more precious to me.

On some nights my dreams are so realistic that when you come to "visit", I wake worried you have enough blankets, that I left you a pillow, didn't lock you out when you are expected late, or that I didn't make enough room for everyone staying at my little B&B.

Lately I have been dreaming of growing up. Not like growing up as in growing out of being a teenager or going on your first date. More like growing up, getting that first real job after college. But for me, it's different. It's scary. I've already been there and had that "first" and now I have to do it all over again.

I have a plan for growing up. I'm a planner, so I need a plan. Plans make me feel better, more secure. They don't always work, and mostly all I do is spend time rearranging the plan, but I still have a plan. I have decided that graduating in December means I need to start seriously (and I mean seriously) campaigning for a new career. I say career because it is a career...this is long term, this is not just any old job, this is what I have worked my butt off for 2.5 years to achieve.

I am already a little burnt out on this semester and feeling drained to the point of not really caring anymore. Is that bad? Yes, that's bad. I know. But ugh, I am so over all of it. Having professors tell me day in and day out about how I will have to meet with company executives and give presentations bores me to tears. I have already done it, I have already met with, wowed and sold them on so many thing. I rock in front of an audience and I love giving presentation (as long as I am prepared), so please stop trying to freak me out in an effort to get me to pay attention. Give me knowledge. Fill my head with all the good things I have not heard or done and all the things you know and want to share to help me (OK, us) succeed.

When it comes to growing up and dreams, now a days they are starting to resemble more of the nightmarish quality. I need a change, and I know that. I need to feel like I am headed somewhere with my life. I want to see my work in major magazine publications, in Time Square, on bill boards running down the freeway. But which freeway?

Now comes the question: where do I want to live? Where will I start campaigning for a career?

Boston: Visited this fair city back in the days of that DNC and didn't really see much but homeless people and hardhats. I have heard that this is a great walking city and has wonderful culture. I know not a soul who has lived in this city and need a frame of reference. It's an east coast city and that is one of my top 5 wants.

Philadelphia: Have never really ventured to the City of Brotherly Love, but did fly into the airport and quickly crossed the bridge. I have heard good things and it is a smaller city by comparison to others I have visited and contemplated living. Another east coast city, so that's a plus.

DC: Our countries capital, what could be better! I have visited, but never played the true tourist, so maybe I should make that happen. This is one city that I have heard mostly good and it is truly in my top 2. Oh, and think of the history! This could be the greatest city to live in. Totally on the top.

Chicago: Um, Windy City might be at the bottom of my list, but I can't rule it out...not with it's large corporate following and potential for great advertising agencies. But wind & cold and Katherine do not get along so much. We'll see.

Charleston: The other city in my top 2. Within driving distance to Atlanta (HUGE plus) and right on the coast where many a great day at the beach can be had. (GIRLS...imagine the HOV trips right there to visit me!) This little city has a good amount of southern hospitality and I can see myself living here, much like I can see myself in DC. I want a place rich with history and culture.

Salt Lake City: This is my blog, so I will just have to say it. The only reason this city is on my list is because of the religious culture of the area. The only thing beating out that point are my friends, but unless my friends have some amazing contacts with the ability and desire to use them, in the area that I want to pursue, SLC is right down there with the Windy City. And been there, done that!

Denver: I have never lived in or near Denver, but I have heard good things. I know it snows there, which is not all bad. How cold is too cold? But it has to be on the list, at least in the beginning. And other than SLC, I doubt I will go any further west than those Rocky Mountains.

So, what cities am I missing?
Where do YOU think I should be searching come November 1, 2009?

Oh yes, November 1, 2009. That is when I have decided I will start this process. I need to get closer to graduation and I figure employers would just think "She still has 4 months of school, why should we hire her?" if I started applying now. But what do I know?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Seriously...this is my life we're talking about...all voices needed!


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

You forgot Phoenix. :) I vote either PHX or DC! In fact, my little brother and his wife are doing an internship in DC right now and they LOVE it! I have a good friend who lives in PHX, and I'm sure he'd be your tour guide if you need one...let me know! (and he's not a member, but single and a totally nice guy..ha!)

Supershepherds said...

All good choices. You can be happy and successul anywhere if you want to be. Have to prayed about any/all of them?

I'd start looking at the job possibilities in all of them and then look harder at the location if you find a job that appeals to you.

I vote not Philadelphia. No offense to any Philadelphi-ites, but after visiting, I don't think the city has much to offer. Cool to tour, not an appealing place to live...my humble opinion.

SLC...getting board with it myself. Love the religious roots and the mountains (and in my case the family), but it's sort of stale.

The others are all possibilities I can support. Did I help?

Cyd said...

Loved Philadelphia - my view could be a little rosy because of that whole "mission" thing and the fact that we sisters were banned from certain urban areas, but I still adored the place and would love to go back.

Charleston has been one of my very favorite places I've ever visited - I was there for about a week and I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the place.

Not very technical analyses, I suppose, but I know what I like... (Always wanted to try Boston, FYI...)

I'll get back to you with some ideas about London/England.