Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 Cow Wife...

This afternoon I was at this place I like to call Hell. Waiting.

I met a man named Peter or was it Paul? Let's say it was Peter. We talked a lot, we were waiting for a very long time. Peter is married, he has been for 2 years. His wife is from Zimbabwe. We debated details about what it takes to have a successful marriage. And yes, I have expertise in this field because I have had a lot of failed relationships and seen a lot of both successful and unsuccessful marriages as my examples. Being an outsider I see things differently. It's a gift.

Back to my story...

So Peter tells me that he met his wife here in the states. When she agreed to marry him, before he could go visit her family (to be accepted) he had to send 4 cows to her family. Did you hear me before? They have only been married for 2 YEARS! That means they got married in 2007. I might have expected something like this in 1907 or even 1937 or even stretching at 1957 in some places in the world.

I told him he needed to go home and look up the movie Johnny Lingo on YouTube. I even made him write it down. In honor of this exciting lesson (that daughters are still being traded for cows) I present to you, Johnny Lingo Part I:

You may find part II of this excellent movie HERE and part III HERE. Oh, you can't fool me...I know you are going to rush right over and watch them now. I did.

What else we can learn:

It is not nice to call anyone ugly.
It is possible to ask for a woman's hand in marriage and get married the very next day.
It is possible to go on a honeymoon that lasts many months.
It is possible to think the title of a movie is Johnny Lingo for over 20 years, only to find well after graduating from seminary that it is actually called Worth of a Soul.

And did you hear the boy at the beginning of Johnny Lingo..."she looks as though she missed too many meals" as if that was a bad thing. I love it.

My favorite part was the end where Johnny explains things to Mr. Harris. sniff, sniff. It is divine. Where is my Johnny Lingo? My +1? My E.C.?

Enjoy the movies.

You're welcome!

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Nicole said...

Loved this post...very witty! And NO I did not re watch the movies!! ;) SOrry!