Monday, August 31, 2009


Tonight I bought items for craftiness on my Wild Wednesday's with J&J's girls.

Paper can make all sorts of things with paper plates!
Pipe cleaners...for legs on those egg carton caterpillars. I'm sure there will be other things too!
Chocolate pudding..."dirt"
Gummy worms...that will go into the "dirt"
hmm, maybe I need some cookies for rock crumbs too.
Blue Jello...can't seem to locate gummy fish. Imagine how cute those aquariums will be!
Crayons...did you know they are only $0.25 a box. I am sure I will find mine in the cavernous abyss of my closet tomorrow.
Kid scissors...a must have!

Wal-Mart did not have mini taco shells, but John assures me I will not need them, they will eat every last bite of a Big Girl Taco! I just thought they would be cute.

So on the menu this week tacos, beans and some dirt and worms. Yummy!

Aunt Jo let me borrow her fabric markers so the girls can draw on their "Get Messy Shirts" this week. She also stocked me up with a few weeks worth of Disney/Little friendly movies.

I need to narrow down the paper plate craft for the week and I think we're set!

I are all waiting with baited breath for my late week post with all the exciting photos!

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Jodi said...

You have to be the coolest aunt ever! These are memories they will cherish forever!!! Oh, a tip for the fish, our Wal-Mart sells a brand called Sweedish Fish, they are usually red, but sometimes you can find them in an array of colors. Their on the candy aisle. It is Nathan and the girls favorite. If you can't find them, let me know and maybe I can overnite you a bag! Good luck!