Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show Your Helping Hand

Last week I saw this ad:

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and saw that Hamburger Helper was on sale so I bought a few boxes (you know...for the cause). My parents never fed us H.H. and now I know it is because they love us. I tried something cheesy with elbow pasta. It was THE nastiest thing I have ever tasted. I am serious, this is not a joke. Can I please just give the starving children across America some of my oatmeal and brown sugar? I simply cannot pretend I am anywhere near OK feeding them H.H. I dumped it in the trash. Sorry starving children. I'll work on finding another cause upon which I will place my stamp.


MonikaC said...

Donate oatmeal and brown sugar to your local food bank! They never get enough of the healthy stuff!

Alison said...

If you're ever forced to eat HH again, try the cheesy enchilada and eat it with tortilla chips. I may be nasty, but I think it's yummy! :)