Monday, June 29, 2009


ED! Welcome back handsome!

But come could do better than Jillian. She bugs the crap out of me. (It is all I can do to finish watching the season...I am so over her!)
Not only is she a whiner, she is the worst actress on the planet. I realize this is reality television and ultimately there is no acting, but give us a little something. You honestly can't be this transparent, boring and such a bad fake crier in real life!

Now Ed. I realize that ABC put you up to this. And I admire your aspirations to make a big impact on the show and bring the drama. There's a good chance she will choose you...for so many reasons.
1) you act like a man
2) you are the only one on this show that acts like a man
3) you left for your "career" - at least you had a good excuse
4) you are handsome
5) you are oober handsome
6) you are not slimy Wes

Speaking of slimy Wes. The man grosses me out. I don't get she bind?
He is not even that cute! He's sort of nasty. No really nasty.
What is up with the tat? You are in a (bad) country music band. You are not a rocker.
Oh, and about your band. I will never buy your music. You can't sing. And even if you could, you are an pretend you want a relationship so you can have a booming musical career. Not on my dime liar.
The fact that Jillian pretends she is OK with your music career makes me want to vomit.
I hope she does pick deserve each other.

then Ed will be all mine...


Nicole said...

haha!!! You are right on about Wes. He is a Sicko and Gillian is just plain ridiculous!!! What is her problem! But, I LOVE ED!!

Laura said...

WORD!!!!!! I'm totally going to link over to your blog. Girl, you know I was all upset at her last night. I HATE WES!!!!!!!!!!! He is the SLIMEST creature that ever lived. Preach on sister, preach on.

Jen Thomas said...

I so agree! Why did I get so hooked on this show?? It is like a train wreck - but I can't stop watching!! Wes is slime- and if there is a "lauren"- I would think she isn't still his girlfriend by now... what a jerk!

The Wade Family said...

You took the words out of my mouth!! The fact that she kept Wes and let Jesse go- I mean come on!!! She's insane. I'm glad Ed came back b/c now the top 4 is at least interesting. I do like Reid though. But Kipton??? Come on!! I liked him until I saw his snotty family! ugh! I can't make sense Jillian and her choices!! Oh and Michael- he loved her so much and was so much FUN!! Keeping WES in lieu of ANYone was SOOOOOO stupid. He ugly, slimy and you can tell by looking at his face- I mean Come ON!
Ok, I'm over my rant. :)

Supershepherds said...

You just crack me up.