Thursday, April 23, 2009

na na na na na na...hey hey hey, goodbye!

I'm leaving in the morning.  Headed here:

Huntington Beach, CA.

I am going there on VACATION!
To chil-lax and enjoy the beach.
Because we don't have perfectly lovely beaches (with much better weather, might I add) right here in Georgia?!?!

There is this other thing there, but I'm not going to mention it.  Because this is a VACATION, that's all.

Who goes on vacation the last week of the semester?  The week before finals?  
Yours truly.
What an idiot.
How did I get talked into this?

Love you Patti...I'm sure we will have a great time and it's a darn good thing.

Yes, the 6 hour plane ride will be spent writing an assignment for News Reporting & Writing, a presentation and paper for Research and studying for finals.


Nicole said...

This had "BOY" written all ove it! YOu better call me! BTW, One of my very best friends lives there. Wish I could go too!

Martha H. said...

oooohhhh... have so much fun!