Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In support of Miss California

Let's talk about the Miss America Pageant!

I am proud of Miss California, Carrie Prejean, for giving her honest opinion even though she didn't actually answer the question.  I used to read Perez Hilton's blog, but then one day I thought "this is garbage, why am I reading this?  And why the freak do I care what this idiot thinks?  And for that matter why do I care what all the celebrities are doing?" my life is WAY more exciting anyway and I stopped at that moment.  

Today I saw THIS commentary on and really appreciated what Roland Martin said.

Shout out to Carrie! No more "Pageant Patty" answers!  Love it!!!



Martha H. said...

I think she's awesome and applaud her for the fact that she didn't cave to the "popular" opinion on this matter.

I say, "Good for you, Miss CA!"

Rocketgirl said...

Yeah, I stopped reading Perez after he smeared the church during the Prop 8 thing. The dumb thing is, Miss California said what Obama has said. Repeatedly. Silly "open-minded people."

Nicole said...

I agree! She should not be slandered b/c of her pure opinion. Talk about how you disagree, Sure! but, common! Perez got an answer that he didn't like and is now throwing a tantrum. He looks redicilous! She should be proud of her self for stating her honest opinion and not a PC one just to win the crown. Does Perez even realize that!!

Leviticus said...

Because you asked for it Comment: She's really a moron - she jumped into an answer without even formulating it in her head. She was about two syllables and one inflection away from climbing up on a religious soapbox.

Furthermore, the opinion she voiced (Only after babbling about "in my country... choose between same sex... opposite marriage" WRONG [BTW, opposite marriage?]) wasn't an answer to the question she was asked.

Perez asked her if the states should follow suit in legalizing gay marriage, not what her personal beliefs are; personal beliefs aside, it's a civil rights issue not a 'The way I was raised' issue.