Thursday, April 30, 2009

Money Savings :: Tip #1

Admittedly I may not be able to come up with any further tips, but this little gem has been sitting in my memory bank for a few days now.

The Background: This past weekend when I was in Huntington Beach I forgot to bring my shaving gel.  Stupid airline liquid regulations!  I already had to buy hair spray and didn't want to waste more money on shaving gel, so I was really irritated.  Then I remembered something a friend told me...

The Tip: use hair conditioner as lubricant for shaving.  Normally I am a real picky shaver, gel is the only thing for me.  I admit I have shopped around trying to find the best deal because at about $2.00 a bottle, it can get pricey.  I even recently purchased it in bulk at Costco thinking I was saving, but in the end it was about the same as buying the Wal*Mart brand.  Anyway, I used basic conditioner and it worked swimmingly!  I was really impressed and it made my legs super duper soft and moisturized.  And in the ridiculously dry west I was so excited about that!

Now, for the money savings: I don't use grocery store conditioner on my hair, so I never have it lying around.  And there is NO WAY I was using my expensive salon product as shaving lube, talk about wasting money!  On with the story...I was at Kroger the other night and saw that they had Suave conditioner on sale for $1.  And I thought "duh! That is an easy savings over the cost of shaving gel!"  It may not be much, but any savings is still savings, right?  And, if memory serves me correctly, I think Wal*Mart sells it for less than $1...wawhoo!

The Confession: I do not remember which friend gave me this fabulous tip so many years ago.  I am sorry now that I didn't take it more seriously.  Just think how much money I could have saved over the years!

If it was you and you want some credit just leave me a message and I'll give a shout out.

As for this becoming a regular weekly segment on my blog...we shall see...we shall see!


MonikaC said...

I should have told you about this. I just assumed everyone knew since I knew! Ever since we moved to AZ, conditioner is the only reason my legs don't look like they belong to an alligator! I would use it as lotion for my hands if I could!

Nicole said...

Ok, Reality check...I use suave shampoo and conditioner every day and I LOVE IT!!! Maybe you should get off you salon brand high horse and try it out for once!!! ;) Geese!!! For the LOVE!!! haha! I lov eya girl!

Oh! But thanks so much for that nifty idea, b/c you know you always have more conditioner left over when you are out of shampoo!!

Jen Thomas said...

If you used coupons for Suave you could get is even cheaper and sometimes even FREE!! Save even more $$$ :)