Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Georgia Spring

Last year about this time I thought to myself...
"...self, you should really take some photos of those pretty tulips out by the fountain at work..."

So today that is just what I did:

I love my camera.
I love tulips.  
When I was young I drew a picture of a tulip that was in an art show at the library where I took art classes.  It had a million little pointy petals, because I suppose back then I didn't know that tulips only had a few.
I still remember the smell of the Carlsbad Public Library.
It smells like the inside of Mom's Terracotta pot.   
That I think she gave to Kelly.
I remember sticking my head inside that pot, just to smell THAT smell.
It's a really big pot.

Now that Dr. Bristol gave me antibiotics I might be able to say I love Georgia in the spring again.  You might want to wait and ask me in a few days and see how I feel then.

Of course it helps that it's raining and all the yellow death is being washed away.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, just come down south in the spring...I'll introduce you to pollen.

Um, yeah...all my photos are proprietary, copyright, whatever.  So don't think you can just right click, save it in "your computer" and send it to be printed at "your Costco".  I obviously deserve royalties, after all, I have no job.

1 comment:

Martha H. said...

I love Spring!

Love your pics, too.

We had a lovely snow storm this week. So much for Spring in Utah. Oh... wait... snow does = Spring in Utah.