Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am thankful that I am not Kristen Stewart.  And if I were Kristen Stewart, I would thank my lucky stars that I managed to fool everyone around into thinking I could act in one of the most highly anticipated films of last year.  And then I would be thankful that my paycheck clears, because I would need something to live off of while I look for a new career.

I am thankful that Macy's has an amazing return policy because last year when I dropped a really heavy bottle of perfume and broke the squirter I returned it for a brand new bottle.  Then realizing I didn't really like that perfume all that much I returned the unopened bottle of my not so great smelling perfume for a brand new bottle of my favorite perfume.  Yes, I originally (back when I had a job) purchased a bottle of perfume, but my exchanges yielded me a $10 Marcy's store credit.  Yumm.  I *heart* Macy's.

I am thankful I am not a hooker in Nevada.  But even more thankful that someone is going to make them pay taxes.  I'm not saying that we should legalize anything, but HELLO, the rest of us have to pay taxes!

I am thankful I have "people", little and big I love them all.  I hope I am as good a "people" to you as you are to me.

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