Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Dinner

This morning I was at Pickup Publix filling an Rx for antibiotics to help with my sinus infection. I had to wait a moment while the nice pharmacist counted out my pills so I meandered over to find something for lunch.
Upon passing the dairy department I began to wonder who would invite me for Easter dinner. I mean, after all, I am alone. I could just stay home and fix a nice big bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs, but a deviled egg sounds yummy too.
I might offer to bring homemade rolls - I just got the most divine recipe from my friend Sheri and I really want to try them. I am not sure I can make them as yummy as her, but we'll see.
Either way...if you bring rolls to Easter dinner, you will want to make sure you bring one of these too:

Did you see that?
Yes, it's a sheep.
A butter sheep.
A butter sculpture...of a sheep.

Don't even think I am teasing because even without a job I may have splurge to bring this little guy along. I wonder if I could make my own sculpture? I would try an Easter egg though...there is something a little morbid about digging a hunk of butter out of a sheep's head.

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Jen Thomas said...

Hey Girl- You are so invited to come and eat with our crazy family!! You know you would have a great laugh- there is always some crazy times with us!