Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100,000 miles...

I know I shouldn't complain, after all what is the point?  But this is my blog, so who is going to stop me?  I suppose if you don't want to read my posts, then you can certainly blog-stalk someone else, but you will be missed.

Today I feel like my Kia...Katherine the Kia, that's not a good thing.  I feel worn out and tired.  You see, today my Kia flipped the last 9 in a long list of 9's.  It flipped to 100,000 miles, right before my very weary eyes.  I saw it coming, it was no surprise, but it still caught me off guard.  Maybe it's because all those 0's lined up after the 1 feel like an assassination line up...all pointing their rifles at me.  The big bad 1 is biding his time, "ready, aim, ...!"  

I watched the Kia's 0's keep turning today and it made me feel even more tired.  By the time I arrive back in Crackworth tonight I am sure I will have driven near 100 miles today.  I did meet my friend Patti for lunch at the airport.  (Patti & I go back to my Utah days, I just love her and she managed to find me on FB!)  But aside from the jot to the airport (so worth it) I do this drive here, drive there, never slowing down for a darn thing...every day!

I'm sick, not like crazy Bates Hotel sick, really literally sick.  I caught a cold from my fav guy and took it up to 26 degree Michigan and returned to Georgia in bloom.  So now I am sure I never got over the cold, have allergies and a super bad cough.  Oh, and no insurance.  love it.

I warned you, I am complaining today.  

And last night in my News Reporting & Writing class we got our interview pieces back.  I already knew my grade and was extremely disappointed...I got a 70.  I rarely have a lack of words, but I have nothing that will describe how disappointed I was in myself and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what I did wrong.  Well, last night I got it...I just can't write.  Well, to be fair, I supposed I should say I can't write news pieces.  And to be clear, who said writing for a "column" would not be news?  Because apparently that's how I write.  Maybe it's because I write on MY blog all the time.  Well, my prof wasn't happy with any of our papers but I was the only one with THAT low of a grade.  I. am. frustrated.

I'm tired...  
Tired of driving.  
Tired of school.  
Tired of being sick.  
Tired of being tired.
Tired of communication professors that can't communicate.
Tired of communication professors that's can't speak English.
Tired of no job.
Tired of too many other things to mention.

Maybe I just need a helicopter to help me get to work/school/wherever faster.  I don't mind the little RV truck pulling it either.  I'm sure it would come in handy.

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