Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged (again) QUIRKS!

Monika "QUIRK" tagged me.  It seems pretty simple, you list your top 5 quirks, so here we go:

1)  BLINKERS: I hate the sound of blinkers.  I don't know if this qualifies as a quirk, but I'm saying it does.  Sometimes I am driving down the road and I see that someone has forgotten their blinker is still on and I just cringe!  I can't imagine listening to that...blink...blink...blink...blink...blink.

2)  NAPS:  I can't take naps.  The last time I remember taking a TRUE nap was the Sunday after Nicole's wedding reception.  The girls had all gathered at Megan's apartment to watch a movie or an OSU football game or something and I remember Megan gave me a t-shirt (which I still have...oops & thanks!) and some pants and I crashed in her dark bedroom while they all chilled in the living room.  I was literally asleep for hours!

3)  BABY SHAMPOO: Some people pay hundreds of dollars a year for product to wash their face.  Not me!  I wash my face every night with BABY SHAMPOO.  Go ahead, scrunch your face up and think I'm weird...and when you get finished trying it shoot me an email to say "thanks".  I can't take all the credit, a few years ago an ophthalmologist suggested I do this because my eyes secrete too many oils.  The plus is...with the pH of (close to) water it is so gentle on the eyes and removes make up like a dream!

4)  SHOES: Call it a quirk, or call me a woman, but I love shoes! Someone asked me once how many pairs of heels I owned and I told them, "not that many, really!"  But tonight I actually counted.  27 pair of "heels" or two might be a more normal shoe, but most of those are right up there with amazing! 

5)  CHOCOLATE: Monika & Charisse both have issues with cheap ice cream, and although I share their desire for delicious frozen dairy, my cheap factor falls to chocolate.  My biggest issue is with Hershey...yuck!  Yes, occasionally (when dying in the desert) I have to indulge in the plastic brown look-a-like known as Hershey fake-a-lot, but give me a true piece of chocolate any day...and make it dark!  Dark is better for you anyway!

5.1)  SPOON vs. FORK:  You know when you order dessert at a restaurant and they bring you a clean spoon?  (You never eat dessert?  Oh, too...never!)  But if I did...I have to ask for a fork.  There is just something about eating a brownie with ice cream or a piece of cake with a spoon...that bugs the crud out of me!  It must be the part where I have to dig my upper lip into the canyon of the spoon to get all the good stuff...with a fork you can eat like a lady and enjoy your dessert too.

And I TAG...
 - Nicole (your quirks lady...not your beautiful babies)
 - Kim (girl...I know you are quirky)
 - Heather (it may be tough, but I know you have one or two)
 - Shannon (you are quirky luirky lady...tell us all about it!)
 - Megan (...what is that?  You don't have a blog?!  Shock & AW!  Guess you better start one!)

...and anyone else that wants to share!

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Lawana said...

Can you believe I've never been tagged before...? I'm on it, I just have to pick everyone's brain first. I can only think of 1 off the top of my head but I am SURE they are out there...