Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charley's Frilly Pink Dress...

Back when Charley had her first photo shoot I bought her this cute little pink frilly dress for her.  

Last week when I was over at her house Kelly and I were perusing through Charley's closet and we saw the dress.  It just has these little spaghetti straps and when it's warm enough for her to wear it, she will certainly have outgrown we had a spontaneous photo shoot with my camera phone:

Oh the paparazzi!

She is so stinking cute!  
Maybe Charley's sister can get some use out of this little dress.

NO!  That is not an announcement for Kelly & Justin, just an assumption that there will be a 2nd child and given the boy vs. girl ratio in our's a good assumption it will be a girl.

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