Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year & all that jazzzzzz

I'm starting out 2009 by CALLING Y'ALL OUT!  Specifically the mom's, the ma'ma's, the mamasitas, the mothers...MOM's!  Have you ever actually READ your own blog?  I'm not saying, I'm just saying...can you PLEASE post something about YOU.  I love your babies and they ARE THE CUTEST BABIES IN THE WORLD, but my BFF/College Roomie/Old Friend/New Friend/Sister/Whoever you are ~ I have forgotten what you look like because you only post pictures about your children.  Again...I love them...they are great (esp my little humans) but I've got to do it.  You have officially been called out.  Now, go get your camera and take a self portrait and tell us a little something about YOU lately.  (thanks)

2nd: I was putting away Christmas this afternoon and you know when you are trying to tighten the wrapping paper a little more before storing it and you have your fingers around the paper at the know.  Well, tonight I gave myself a paper cut.  Right there...between my pointer & naughty finger...ouch.  It hurts a smidge!

3rd: new years resolutions.  I'm still thinking about this and need to do so many things, but the one I have already decided on is too personal to share on here.  I'm thinking about these:

 - get organized & stay organized
 - 4.0 for all three semesters this year
 - read my scriptures 5x's a week
 - pray
 - unpack a few more boxes (this is a New January Resolution)

OK, that is all for now.  I'll be checking all of your blogs soon to see if you got the CALLING YOU OUT it!

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Martha H. said...

I *heart* you!!! Hope all is well and that the new year is super splendid.