Saturday, January 3, 2009


I just love downtown Acworth and they still have the Christmas lights up so I stopped tonight on my way home to take some pictures (I'll share just one):

I also took a few of Lake Acworth and I thought this one turned out pretty:

Speaking of pretty.  I was driving home so late tonight because I spent the evening with Sariah, Abbi & Jenna.  Sariah is such a great cousin and played with the girls all night long.  They even played dress up!

Claire went out with Mommy & Daddy on their date, but I managed to get this oober cute picture of her "grinning"...she is growing so much!


Landlocked Shores said...

Wow Claire is getting so big! She doesn't even look like the same baby girl.

MonikaC said...

Downtown Acworth is really pretty. It reminds of a really elaborate gingerbread village. And such cute girls! You are such a lucky auntie!