Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year...New Lease...Nesting...

There have been a few uncertainties in my life as of lately, but things seem to be (at least for now) on their way to normalcy.  Since normalcy is what I strive for and never seem to attain I decided "heck, why not resign my lease for another year?!" I am.  

Because of this I have decided "heck, why not finish the desk and get some real shelves for your "office"?!?"  

For Christmas I told Kelly (who asked for Sarah, who asked for Eric) that I wanted another tall black shelf (from Wal to the Mart) to go with the other two I have in my living room.  
They couldn't find the shelf (they are almost ALWAYS sold out) so he gave me this oober cute gift card.  Since then I have looked at (or had someone else look at) every Wal*Mart within a 20 mile radius or more, but to no avail.  

Having (almost) given up on the shelf I decided to venture to Ikea tonight to see what I could find in the way of shelving and a better option for my oh so cluttered desk.  Ikea does have a similar shelf, but it is about $100, where the one from WM is only $30.  Yes, I know the value is reflected in the price, but I am on a budget!  Besides, I walked out of Ikea for $100 and bought a bunch of stuff (all of which I needed) including two of these gorgeous (and magic) shelves.  They will replace the shoe holder things I was trying to make a desk organizer.
Anyway, back to the story...if there is a story.  Tonight on my way home I go by the last Wal*Mart near me to see about that shelf.  No big surprise, they did not have it.  They did have 2 in the walnut whatever color and they were both opened and in bad shape...same as all the others I have seen.  My question is this...does someone purchasing this shelf not understand that is it what it actually have to read the instructions (no matter how many of them you have put together in the past) and it will frustrate you more than ever imaginable!?  Well, it will...but it is what it is!

I was so frustrated by not finding the shelf (again) that I decided I would go home right that moment and hang my new shelves from Ikea and cover my door/desk.  But then I remembered I probably needed an electric drill to hang the shelves.  So I bought one!  John helped me pick the right one over the tele...thanks IV and I came home with a brand new black & orange Black & Decker + a level, gotta make sure they go up straight.

At home I have to remove everything from my door/desk and that took a small century.  Sadly it is all still sitting on my bed...what a mess!  Then I took the door into the living room and covered it with this fancy wanna be leather looks great!  

Next I tackle the shelves...take the plastic wrap off and start to read the instructions: 

"Wall mounting of LACK wall shelf requires 5 screws or fittings (not included)."

It is pouring down rain.
It is 11:00 p.m.
Wal to the Mart is open 24 hours/day!
I'm off...again.  I want those shelves up darn it!

At Wal*Mart I figured I would pass by the furniture aisle just to see if they have my shelf in.  HOLY SMOKE!  It's there!  IT'S THERE!  I knew it wouldn't much so that I didn't even get a buggy.  So I walk around the corner where I find the nicest WM associate who offers her buggy (it was only holding returns, she said) and the assistance of her muscles...Josh.  It was great, the box had never been open and there were TWO of them!  Had I not spent way too much money at Ikea and also purchased myself a Black & Decker today I would have bought them both...but my apartment is small and I need to focus on getting this finished in the next day so that when I start school (in 4 days) I will have a nice clean place to manage my 24 credits!

So why did I go to WM in the first place?  Aww yes, screws or fittings.  I walk across the way and find Lee, the most pleasant smelling 70 year old Wal*Mart associate ever!  And he was so nice!  He recommended the fancy Sheetrock screws and helped me choose the correct ones.  I know I should go into a stud, but I remembered from before that my apartment doesn't have any.  No really...we could not find one!  My apartment is a little old, so I'm not all that surprised.  Anyway, I bought the regular screws and the Sheetrock screws, just in case and off I went.

At the register the girl paged Josh again to help me put my new shelf in my exciting!  Did I mention it is raining...has been raining a lot lately...might need to build an ark next.  

So now the time is 12:40 a.m. and I am sitting in the middle of a very large mess in my bedroom.  My bed is covered with so much stuff I will likely sleep on the couch tonight.  I have never slept on the couch before...who would with a bed like mine?!  Anyway, it is well worth it to leave all that stuff right where it is.  

You are probably wondering why the shelves aren't up and all the stuff isn't nicely organized on my desk and said shelves?  Well, I lined up my attachment piece and marked where to put in the Sheetrock screws...they just won't go in.  Not at least, without a lot of noise.  The wall I am pounding on only goes to my living room, but I know I would wake the neighbors and I don't want to do that.  So, I did what I could tonight and will have to get up bright and early in the morning to finish.  We'll see about the bright and early part, but either way I will have to finish tomorrow.

Needless to say, even though I didn't get the shelves up and my "office" organized, I am thrilled I am headed in that direction!  I did at least get the door/desk covered.

On a side note, another BIG purchase, but this one happened this past weekend...I bought my very first CROCK POT!

I know you can hardly contain yourself with all this excitement, but I am thrilled!  I have had to borrow one of these every time I want to make Velveeta Rotell stuff.  Or anything else that is yummy and takes time to cook.  So, now I have my very own.  I wanted one that was red, but black is my #2 go to color, so I'm OK with it.  

Now, for all you mommies out there ~ send me recipes!  I know you read my blog...even though you ignore my pleading to post about yourself (except Elisabeth...thank you sweetie, it was so fun to read) this one you can not ignore!  I need fun things to cook in my new toy and preferable yummy things that will be great as left overs for the week of a busy college student!

Alrightythen, the time is 12:57 a.m. and I am plum tuckered out.  I must sleep...granted on the couch, but none the less.  Hey Heather, now I will know how comfortable (or uncomfortable) my couch is.  I sure hope it was comfortable for you all those times you slept on it.

nighty night!

p.s. tonight, as I do all these manly things with power tools and such...this is when I think about all those guys that don't like me because I'm independent.  Well guess what?  There is no one else around to hang the bloody shelves, is there?!  So get over it...learn to step up and ask a girl out on a date once in a blue moon and maybe you will find someone who will want you to take care of her.  Because although I love this sort of thing, I would gladly share in the load and let you fold the laundry and watch me as I make a mess out of our bedroom!


Supershepherds said...

Look at you go Ms. Home-Improvement! I'm having the same problem finding a black shelf unit from Walmart. It's a coast to coast shelve shortage!
And Not-mommies have good slowcooker recipes too. I'll send you a few of my faves. xoxo.

Jodi said...

I'm dying to see the end result! I hate all the time and energy it takes to work on a product, but I sure do love the feeling of accomplishment when it is done! You go girl!