Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd to shoes...BAGS!

I have been helping my friend Marci pack up her apartment to move to a new house.  Lucky me she has been cleaning out her closets along the way and tonight I left with the mother load!  Most of the items are give aways (http://theeternalgaragesale.blogspot.com/) but there were two very special bags that I will keep for my very own:

They Mary Poppins Bag:
Isn't it gorgeous?!  And huge, I just love it.  Marci travels a lot and this bag had a few things that would make it much less friendly to travel with.  But for little old me...happy as a peach to take a change of clothes to Mom & Dad's in this.  OK, so I could take a change of clothes for the entire family...who cares!  I love this bag!

The Zebra Bag:
Pretty sure I don't need to say anything more about this bag.

It does however remind me of a jeep I saw when I was out with Lolo the other day:

...yes, I am serious.  And yes, that jeep is real.  I took this picture with the camera on my phone.  If you don't believe me you can ask Kelly, this jeep lives down the street from them.  Or you could ask Lolo, she was with me when I pulled over just past the cemetery that is right across the street...walked all the way back past the house and took the picture from out near their mailbox.  

Anyway...it's about the bags and my oh my, they are pretty!


Landlocked Shores said...

I will pay you for the zebra bag!!!!!! LOVE it!

Nicole said...

I LOVE the bags! Totally jealous!