Monday, December 22, 2008

...cold weather INSIDE update

So, after I decided that leaving the oven on all night is NOT a great option and finally turned it off I checked the thermostat.  A brisk 68 degrees and dropping rapidly!

I stood there with my ANGRY EYES...

...but nothing happened!  So I decided the only thing left to do was beat on the thermostat with my fist.  I walked away feeling defeated and certain in all my clatter had woken the neighbors and they would come calling to see what was the matter.  My popsicle toes and injured fist (see beating incident above) went back about our task of wrapping presents when only just a moment later I smelled the most exciting smell...that horrible old apartment heater smell.

So...the heat is FINALLY WORKING!  Granted, in the "ON" vs. "AUTO" game "AUTO" is losing by like a zillion points!  That only means that the heat has to stay on all night and that will really bite for the power bill next month, but who toes are finally starting to thaw!  And I just realized that if the heat is set on, say 70 degrees and the thermostat thinks that it is hotter than 70 degrees in my apartment, it will then blow COLD air to regulate the desired temperature.  So many things wrong this this picture!  I want my auto heater to work again!  Oy vey!

Happy sleeping!


Chrissy said...

I hope that it is working out this morning and you aren't freezing!

Supershepherds said...

I hope you aren't a Katherine Popsicle anymore. That stinks. Let's go to Cancun!