Tuesday, October 14, 2008

POST #...oh who cares!

I know! I know! And I'm sorry. I have not accomplished my goal of 34 days of posts and I likely won't. That is tough, you should try it and then you'll understand.

For the record, the only reason I am posting tonight is because A) "My Public" awaits (thank you Susan, for making me feel like my posts are at least entertaining) and B) I just put wash in and have another load after this one goes in the dryer. For these two reasons alone, am I making the time to post this very night. Because when your living room looks like this:

...you should have other things on your mind! I do have a lot to post about though, so let's get on with this, shall we!

A week ago yesterday I flew up to Baltimore, MD for a work meeting. There are no fun photos to share (*frowns*) and no real exciting stories that anyone would pretend to find exciting, so let's just say, the Baltimore trip came and went without much ado.

I returned from Baltimore late Wednesday night, repacked my bag and flew out the next day for a girls trip to San Antonio! We (Megan, April, Heather, Shannon & I) had a great time and the only thing I can say was that we missed everyone who could not be there (Nicole, Heidi, Lisa, Lisa, Elisabeth, Stacie & Laura) and thought of you often.

Although I am often the one behind the camera at family functions, this trip Shannon played Olen Mills and did an amazing job. She even taught everyone how to use her camera so we all took turns to make sure there were plenty of photo ops for all. With that, comes the sad realization upon returning home that I did not have very many photos from the trip and I would have to wait to enjoy them once Shannon has time to share. I know Shannon will be right on it with a fantastic slide show...which we are told will have a few choice tunes from our HOV weekend soundtrack. I am so excited...I can't wait! Well, I guess I can wait, because I have to. But in the mean time, here are a few of my favorite pics from the Katherine camera:

Preface to these photos I should mention a bit more about our schedule throughout the weekend, please note, this is very cut & dry, to document every detail of the weekend would be blaspheme!

Shannon flies into S.A.
Katherine flies into S.A.
Heather flies into Houston...drives over with Megan
All arrive at Chateau Rodriguez...laughing ensues!

Megan leaves for work meeting in Austin
April, Heather & Katherine take brisk walk around the neighborhood
Shannon stays home to finish Spanish homework
April, Heather, Shannon & Katherine hike cave (photos on Shannoncam)
- Food & Alamo
Meet Megan back at Chateau Rodriguez
Grocery (graw-kery) store & Blockbuster
Stacie sat at an Arizona airport trying to make it to S.A. flying stand-by. She never made it. *sad*

Saturday morning:
Megan, Heather & Katherine take brisk walk around the neighborhood
Everyone gets dolled up
Antonio plays Olen Mills for an HOV photo shoot (photos on Shannoncam)
1 hour drive to Fredricksburg (I think that was the name of the little town)
Walking/Shopping/Eating/Good Fun
Back to Chateau Rodriguez
HOV Birthday Party (we figured it was easier to celebrate everyones birthdays together, so we drew names. I made a cake and we bought ice cream...what more can a girl ask for!)
Watch OSU football game (Go Cowboys!)
Watch 1 (yes, one) episode of Friends for old time sake

Shannon & Heather off to airport
Megan, Katherine & April to church
Katherine to airport
Katherine & Heather have lunch while waiting for flights
Megan off on drive to Houston
Chateau Rodriguez back to quiet - Thank you for your hospitality!

OK, now...on with the show:

The OFFICIAL HOV Recipe Resource Guide 2008 & San Antonio Soundtrack. Hey, we are not fooling around here...this is serious stuff! This year Shannon has the wonderful idea to put together an HOV recipe book and I cannot wait to try every single recipe! And we have yet to go on an HOV trip without a soundtrack and thanks to Shannon this year was better than ever! As you can imagine it being a trip to Texas, the CD is full of great cowboys songs and so much more! Don't you wish you had a copy! NO, I will not give you mine. NO, you cannot have my recipe book either!
April, Shannon & Heather before we enter The Alamo:
Um...The Alamo:
I know the sign said "no photos" but they should have taken my camera away, because I could not help myself it was so beautiful:

Shannon, April, Megan & Heather at the HOV birthday party:
The earrings April & Megan bought me:Me, Megan & April:
April, Shannon, Heather & Megan...um, with cake:
Megan & Heather...they were totally posing, so I have no qualms posting this goofy photo:
Chateau Rodriguez (a.k.a. April) was an amazing hostess! She made all of us our own little goody bags complete with our favorites! She had them placed at our sleeping areas with our towels just like a true B&B:

There are so many more photos of the weekend and they are so much better than mine. With that, check back soon for a link to the slide show that Shannon has promised. I'm sure it will take some time, but hopefully not too long!

While I was in San Antonio April gave me my Christmas present. I know...it's not even Halloween yet, but it saved on shipping! I promised I would wrap it up and put it under the tree, but I love it so much I might have to leave it out all year round. I am not sure if you (yes, you) have heard of Jim Shore...but he is an amazing artist and this is one of his pieces:

AND just before I left I finally made it to the post office to pick up an over sized package that wouldn't fit into my PO box. Well, what a pleasant surprise to find a birthday present from Monika! I was so excited I tore into it right there in the parking lot (imagine me chasing the pink ghost farts all over the post office yard!) This is what she sent me:
...aren't they cute! No, you cannot have them either. I am so excited, I want to find some fall smelling candles to burn in them and make my house feel all cozy! Thanks Monika!

OK, that's it...I'm all out of stuff to talk about and that 6:15 a.m. walk with Susan is going to come mighty early tomorrow morning. Yikes, it's already after midnight!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this because I leave for another business trip on Friday so I probably won't post again until after I return. But you never know, something very exciting could happen tomorrow...


Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

What a FUN girls trip!! What does HOV stand for? And lucky girl with all the cute presents. I miss you!

The Sixth Sister said...

I dont want the pumpkins, I want the "nativity"...I LOVE Jim Shore's art work. Oh and where can I pick up my copy of the HOV cookbook? I can always use good recipes. As a matter of fact I was going to contribute to that recipe book...remember...I said I would e-mail you some recipes if I wasnt in labor and look what happened...no recipes from me :)

The Sixth Sister said...

I dont want the pumpkins, I want the "nativity"...I LOVE Jim Shore's art work. Oh and where can I pick up my copy of the HOV cookbook? I can always use good recipes. As a matter of fact I was going to contribute to that recipe book...remember...I said I would e-mail you some recipes if I wasnt in labor and look what happened...no recipes from me :)

The BirdHouse said...

You are so lucky to be traveling. I am stuck over here like scotch tape! Looks like you have good friends who love ya lots. p.s. when is/was your b'day? Happy belated or early....whichever applies.