Thursday, October 16, 2008

A chandelier and other stuff...

I know I said I probably wouldn't post again until next week, but I was going through my phone and realized I had taken a picture of quite a few interesting things that I wanted to share and had forgotten all about them. So, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the slide show of randomness:

This is a picture of my odometer...right as I hit 90000 miles in my little Kia SUV. It's one of those fun sad things, because you realize you like your vehicle fine, but then you think "wow, 90000 miles is a lot." "I drive too much." "I wish I had a new Audi." Or my favorite "Holy freak, and I still owe money on this thing!" Either way, it is what it is and I don't see anything changing any time soon.

This semester I am taking a class called Organizational Publications, quite a mouth full for a class where I basically learn In Design & Power Point. Our class has computers that have these programs, but we are only in there for 1 hour and 15 minutes twice a week. There are only two computer labs on campus that also have them, one is on the communications floor and open for, no joke, 2 hours on Monday afternoon. That's it. Then there is the MAC lab for all the nerdy creative types in the art building.

So, this past week I had to work on an assignment outside of class and had to do it at the MAC lab. When I first went to the art building I noticed all the art hanging randomly big deal. But it wasn't until the 3rd trip to this building that I noticed this:
...a chandelier.

Can you tell what it is made of?

Plastic beverage bottles. No, it did not light up :(


I got my nails did this week. Had already finished an amazing read (which I will mention momentarily) so I was forced to read mindless magazines. I was not surprised when I came across this statement:

...hello! That's totally ME!


Also in the same magazine...if you know me at all, then you know I love a fabulous pair of shoes!


Last but not least, my wonderful friend (Paige) recommended a book to me and I have to admit I was hesitant. The last book that was recommended to me was Twilight (Thanks Reese!) and it took over my life, I certainly didn't have time for that NOW!

Thinking on my toes I decided I would venture to the public library (hello...cost savings AND using my resources. And what if I hated the book and had bought it...yuck!). Upon my arrival I was told I needed to renew my library card and had to have something with my current address on it. Well, I don't like where I live and I don't get mail there - so thus, nothing with my current address. Everything I had with me had my PO Box. I got so irritated...was I trying to get a library card or a concealed weapons permit?! I finally just said "Oh, just use the address on my drivers license, it's in Cobb county and I just want to get the heck out of here!" (Need to remind myself to change my driver's license address sometime soon...maybe after I move again!)

So...after all that (and yes, I finally received my concealed book permit) I check out...

...amazing. I don't know how to write a book review, so forgive me if I screw this up:

This is one of the best books I have ever read. It will teach you how to balance your life, be less selfish and more forgiving AND it's a quick read. I will warn you though, it had me sobbing...literally sobbing on the plane ride back from Baltimore.

READ IT! It will change your life! Yep, just like the Book of Mormon.



Jen Thomas said...

Wow- I too was totally taken over by Twilight... can't wait for the movie!

I love Nicholas Sparks- I could use a good read this week.. Been one of those... not so great ones!

Cyd said...

Yeah. Considering how it turned out, sorry about that whole Twilight thing... but a friend and I have decided exactly how to re-write the last book so that all of it MAKES SENSE! If we ever get it written I will pass it on to you, in penance.

I wish I knew InDesign. Poo.