Saturday, October 4, 2008

POST 21: A plethera of things

Today has been a rough day, so let's just make this post all about last night...I went with Kinsey & Lauren to the North Cobb (high school) Warriors Football Game. It was homecoming, so we met up early to watch the parade...good times, good times!

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Kinsey, Katherine & Lauren watching the parade

Kinsey & Katherine
(notice the cute little guy behind Kinsey...)

Katherine & Lauren

Did you notice the cute little guy behind Kinsey 2 pictures above?
Isn't he a adorable!

Looking sharp!

Lauren's sister Alex:

Kinsey's sister Abbie (Left/3rd)

Kinsey's dad

Kinsey's mom

I think these guys are the freshmen football team, not sure. Love the cheerleader's socks!

Kinsey & Lauren walking to the stadium

Lauren took this awesome pic!

So watching high school football is a lot more fun when there are hot coaches to watch too!

Strike a pose!
(notice the kid in the background...)

Would you buy a raffle ticket from these two cuties, Chris Ernie & Tyler Graham?
Well yes, of course we did!
Did we win? No.

Tracy & Derek Graham...
Sorry, we already bought a raffle ticket from your other son!

Kinsey's mom (again) Jackie
...yes, she's showing off her BBQ Street cup

I know they are the enemy, but excellent pic regardless!

The marching band...Abbie is out there somewhere.

He's back!

Kinsey...need I say more?

It's GAME time!

Robert & Kinsey

Lauren's parents

Vote for ED!
No for ED!

Lauren & little sis Stephanie

Elvis in the house!

No, I do not know her, but this was seriously one of the only lifts I saw from those warrior cheerleaders.


Lauren's little sis, our personal cheerleader: ALEX!

Kinsey...put that thing away!

Oh yeah...there's a football game being played.

Our friend's little girls were the flower girls for the homecoming ceremony.
Aren't they so cute!!

Alex & her dad

The 2008 Homecoming Queen (center) with 2007 Queen (left) and 1958 Queen (right)
This was the 50th anniversary of North Cobb High School

And let's end this slide show with the ONLY touchdown (i saw) of the evening:

Good times! Good times!

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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Those coaches ARE hot! lol...don't tell Adam I said that. :)