Friday, October 3, 2008

POST 20: Friday/Weight Loss & Football

It's FRIDAY and I am so excited. This has been the longest week EVER and I am so glad it is over. I have a lot of travel coming up and it starts next week.
Monday I leave for a work meeting in Baltimore, MD and return on Wednesday night late. Hopefully I can make it to class that night, but we'll have to see.
Thursday I leave for San Antonio for my HOV girls weekend! I am so excited...I miss my girls so much and we are going to have a blast! I return to Atlanta on Sunday night and will of course be back in the office bright and early on Monday morning.
Then the 17th I leave on another work trip, this time to Philidelphia, returning on Sunday. Whew! I'm tired already.
I am sure weight loss is a struggle for more than just myself, so I know I have some sympathetic ears out there. I have been working hard to get up and walk with Susan every morning and by some unknown miracle, I have actually done pretty well. I'm still a bit slower than she would like, but I'm getting there. All I know is it is getting cold and my legs burn walking up those hills. As for eating habits, let's just say I have been paying attention, but if I want something I don't deny myself. Well this morning I weighed...and I was down another pound!!!
Yeah, I it's 1 pound, what's the big deal? Well, this pound put me UNDER a huge hurdle and as far as I'm concerned you are reading the blog of a shrinking violet in the making. I'm not going to tell you my ACTUAL weight, but let's just say I used to weigh more than 140...well, as of today, I am UNDER 140. It's huge for me, even though it's not huge.
I'm excited and motivated so that's all that matters at the moment.
Moving on...
Tonight I am going to a high school football game with Kins & excited! Haven't been to a HS football game in forever! I think I have my camera, so I WILL be taking pics to post at a later date.
Have a happy FRIDAY!


Laura said...

Congrats on your loss!! That is GREAT!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

That is AWESOME on the weight loss!!! Congrats. Losing weight is so hard. In fact, it down right sucks. However, the results are worth it...I'm sure you look great!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

Katherine, I am SO very proud of you...way to take control! Love ya and wish I was going to see you and girls at the girls weekend!!!

Supershepherds said...

You go girl. You so deserve to be the winner of the Pedicure next weekend in San Antonio. I hope I recognize you with all this awesome weightloss going on. You rock!

The BirdHouse said...

I'm proud of you girl. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can motivate me to stop stuffing my pie-hole!