Tuesday, September 23, 2008

POST 11.2: Happy Birthday Braden (lucky you I have laundry in)

Tonight I am plum tuckered out. This morning's jont with Susan (see POST 11.1) left me feeling great, but it's 10:33 p.m. and I am spent. Unfortunately I had to put some laundry in the wash, so while I wait for it to finish I decided I would blog.

Blog Topic: Braden's birthday
My friend
Jen and I met many moons ago when we both lived in Orem, Utah. We were neighbors in a duplex, which also meant we were in the same ward and we became fast friends. Jen is originally from Florida, but her family had eventually moved to Georgia. Well, a few years later MY family moved to Georgia and through some very strange shift in space we realized my brother and her sister knew each other out south. (I rec'd an email forward (love those) from my brother John and in the message saw that it came from a Heather Jaquiss (Jen's maiden name.) That being such an uncommon name I said "hey, are you related?" and the rest is history.)

Since then her family and my family have moved closer to each other and now my parents literally live about 2 miles from her, right here in Georgia. It is so great having such amazing friends from all over and so amazing that I can manage to stay so close to one I met so far away.

...on with the story Katherine!

Anyway, Jen is now married (lucky) to Ken (yeah, I know...Jen & Ken) and they have 6 beautiful children, 3 of which live with them here in Georgia. Her youngest, Braden, turned 1 this past Sunday and Jen had a small dinner to celebrate. I (of course) brought my camera to mark the occasion and show off some digital on the blog.

This is Braden:
This is Jen, Ken & Braden:
This is Braden's big sister Rylie:And this is Braden & Rylie's big sister Kenidee:
Funny Story Time:
Since Jen has known me so long she calls me Kathy. It's not unheard of, a lot of people call me Kathy, including my family and work people. I just prefer Katherine from everyone else.

Anyway, when Kenidee started talking she couldn't pronounce my name, but managed to say "Aunt Kappy" instead. She does much better these days at saying Kathy but it's still fun either way.

This is Jen, myself & Kenidee:
This is Kenidee & I:I told her I was going to use the picture on my blog, even if she made a sad face.
Then she managed this:

Here are a few of my favorite random shots of the evening.

This is Braden's "I just got a bunch of cool presents" face:
"BRING ME MY CAKE!"Not pictured, cousin Ben helping blow out the candle:
Dig in little man:I don't think that will taste quite the same:What a cutie:I took no less than 16 shots of this exact scene...if only mom & dad had kept looking my direction:
Larry & Michelle Jaquiss (Jen's parents):Heather (Jaquiss), Chris & Ben Carter:

OK, that does it...this is the end of our slideshow. I must admit, the washer stopped a good 30 minutes ago, so I must get that taken care of and get my tush in bed for some much needed beauty sleep. ttfn

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Jen Thomas said...

Thanks "Kappy"! Great pictures. I love you, and thanks for coming Sunday night! Ken and I will take you up on the date night thing... hopefully sooner than later! :)