Wednesday, September 24, 2008

POST 12.1: Walking day 2

Well, for those of you that bet the farm/house/whatever...I've got you on at least 2 days. Happy to say however, that my friends have a lot of faith in me. Far more, I would wager, than I have in myself. (Thank you Nicole, Kristen & Heather for your words of encouragement.)

Today was the 2nd day I got up early to walk with Susan. It was strange too...I didn't hear her call and when I heard my alarm go off on it's snooze it startled me and I jumped up and sent a quick text to let her know I was coming, changed into my clothes and then called...just to make sure she was waiting for me. Susan's serious and has not time to wait around.

This morning did seem to be a lot easier (even with way uncomfortable cramps and a brisk breeze) and we made two laps around the track at the school, rather than our one from yesterday. (We end our walk at the high school...we actually do more walking before this.)

I feel better...and that's saying something, even just based on a few days of walking.
Let's hear it for day 2...and day 3 only a few hours away!

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