Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What can YOU seal with a seal a meal?

As previously mentioned John, Jamiee, Abbi & Jenna gave me a Seal-A-Meal for my birthday (yeah & thank you!) So I went to Costco and purchased some bulk items to last me through my summer hibernation.

Bagels...can you seal-a-meal bagels? Well, you can sure try!

(thank you Lindsay for holding the BEFORE bagel)

Ha! Ha! Ha!
No, I really had no idea that it would do THAT. Seriously.
I ate the seal-a-meal'd bagel the next morning and it still tasted like a bagel.
I did seal-a-meal the others, but I didn't suck the air out of them, I figured it was better than nothing...they will probably still be freezer burned.

So funny though...so funny!

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